Different tools of Photoshop and what you can do with them

background removalFor raster image editing and manipulation Photoshop is the best software. Photoshop is very popular software among both professionals and amateurs. All the designs and editing is done by different tools and commands from the drop down menus and well as different pallets. People who are eager to step into the world of creative designing must learn Photoshop thoroughly but before that let’s look at some of the most commonly used tools and commands of this software.

Pen tool, lasso tool and quick selection tool

All these tools have one thing in common, they are used for free hand selection though with quick selection you can’t do much of a free hand selection and instead it selects specific part of an image all together. One of the purposes of selecting images with these tools is to do the background removal procedure. Image background removal is important for getting rid of object you don’t want in the picture or removing the whole background to re-use the image in different occasions.

Tools for improving the quality of an image

image background removalImage quality enhancement is one of the most common tasks done in Photoshop. Improving or enhancing image quality in Photoshop is done in several ways. First of all, you can adjust the color balance and brightness level to improve the overall quality. This could be done manually or automatically via auto level or auto adjustment command. Sometimes due to low resolution, an image could be a bit blurry. With Photoshop’s sharpness filter, you can sharpen the image just the right amount to make the image presentable enough.

Eliminating the imperfections

When we take a photograph, it is the perfect one all the time. There could be something that can ruin the whole mood of the picture. In this case, you can use Photoshop’s healing brush and stamp clone tool to get rid of those elements that you don’t want in the photograph.

Changing the size of an image

This feature is very useful if you need your image to be a bit bigger or smaller. This is mostly done to create passport size photographs or creating smaller image from a big one.


Photoshop is mega software. Its limits are boundless. If you learn Photoshop properly, you can do any kind of editing and make unique looking designs. Photoshop is so capable that its limit is only defined by the users capability.

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