The invisible man-nequin

Creating invisible mannequin photography for promoting and displaying clothing products is a common practice in apparel industry. invisible-mannequin-photographyFor years, apparel business owners have been using life size mannequins and dressing the mannequins with the clothing items that needs invisible ghost mannequins Photoshop editing. Typically 2 separate images are shot with the camera in the studio. One showing the front of the image on the mannequin and other images showing the inner back of the clothing.

Once these 2 images were taken, they would then be edited for publishing. Usually Photoshop is used to join these two images together.

invisible-ghost-mannequinTo make the process easier in an attempt to create an invisible mannequin photography, some product manufacturers came up with the idea of invisible mannequin life-size and half size dummies. Some clothing business owners are finding these invisible mannequin dummies useful in the process of getting the pictures taken. They think these invisible mannequin dummies are lot easier to work with as they show the invisible mannequin images somewhat to begin with.

However, at the end, all these images will need to go through editing to come up with the final invisible mannequin published quality images. If you compare the cost of shooting the pictures with a common mannequin vs those shot on an invisible mannequin dummy, the cost of editing would be the same.

So the question is, why bother going through the whole trouble of getting an invisible mannequin dummy? You can achieve the same edited result no mater which form of dummy you use.

If you are a photographer serving clients in the apparel industry, you might find the invisible mannequin dummies easier to work with. So the idea is, if you have it and if it works for you, go ahead and use the invisible mannequin dummy for your photo session. If you don’t have one yet, there is no reason to go and get one as it will not save you any money in editing the images either way.

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