Do you need image masking to create a Photoshop invisible mannequin effect?

To answer the question, we need to understand the process of image masking and Photoshop invisible mannequin editing.

image masking In clipping mask, a mask is created. Clipping path, sometimes referred to as clipping path, allows an image editor to clip or mask one or multiple elements in a photo. These selected elements then sometimes joined together or saves with its own individual file name.

In invisible mannequin effect creation, creating a clipping mask or a path using clipping path is mandatory. These masked or clipped elements are the raw materials in creating an invisible mannequin effect.

image masking servicesOnce the required elements are clipped, they are then joined together using the same photo editing tool they were clipped with in the first place. Certain adjustments are needed once the joining of multiple clippings are done.

Depending on the quality and resolution of the images or photos that were used to create the image masking and then invisible mannequin effect, there might or might not be a need for photo retouching. If the clothing product owner is happy with the quality of the photo the he or she got from the photographer, there will be no need to any photo retouching. However, if the quality of the photo or the resolution of the images are not satisfactory, there will be a need of some retouching which drives up the editing cost at the end.

It is extremely important to hire a good photographer to begin with. A good raw image is vital in creating an invisible mannequin that looks professional and stunning.


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