Clipping path service for pennies

How much does a clipping path or photo cut outs service cost? Tens of dollars? Or few dollars per clipping path service or photo cut outs service?

Well, how about pennies per edit?

That’s right, now you can get your clipping path service or photo cut outs services outsourced for pennies per edit. For simple images like soda can or cell phones, you can get the clipping path service or photo cut outs service done for as low as U.S. $0.49 per edit. For complex images like large necklaces or dining set that require a lot of work and man hour, the cost can be $2.00 per edit for bulk quantity.

Sounds too good to be true? Yes, in a way it is too good to be true. But it is true indeed. If you outsource your work to some clipping path outsourcing company offshore, you can get your job done for this rate. The only requirement is that the price above is for bulk volume editing.

So for businesses in the developed countries who are working on their own photo editing, you might want to think twice about doing your own clipping path work or photo cut outs work. If it cots less to outsource the same job with same quality, it would not make any valid business sense to do the same job yourself at higher expense.

Living standards and employee wages are sometimes one tenth in some developing countries which allows them to offer the clipping path service or photo cut outs service at a low cost. You are in the packshot photography or product photography business requiring regular clipping path or photo cut puts services you might want to give the offshore outsourcing a try.

Do you need image masking to create a Photoshop invisible mannequin effect?

To answer the question, we need to understand the process of image masking and Photoshop invisible mannequin editing.

image masking In clipping mask, a mask is created. Clipping path, sometimes referred to as clipping path, allows an image editor to clip or mask one or multiple elements in a photo. These selected elements then sometimes joined together or saves with its own individual file name.

In invisible mannequin effect creation, creating a clipping mask or a path using clipping path is mandatory. These masked or clipped elements are the raw materials in creating an invisible mannequin effect.

image masking servicesOnce the required elements are clipped, they are then joined together using the same photo editing tool they were clipped with in the first place. Certain adjustments are needed once the joining of multiple clippings are done.

Depending on the quality and resolution of the images or photos that were used to create the image masking and then invisible mannequin effect, there might or might not be a need for photo retouching. If the clothing product owner is happy with the quality of the photo the he or she got from the photographer, there will be no need to any photo retouching. However, if the quality of the photo or the resolution of the images are not satisfactory, there will be a need of some retouching which drives up the editing cost at the end.

It is extremely important to hire a good photographer to begin with. A good raw image is vital in creating an invisible mannequin that looks professional and stunning.

3D modeling without a model?

3D modeling is best for apparel photography as it shows the shape of the clothing products and how it would make a person look when worn. However, shooting hundreds of products on live professional models can be cost prohibitive for most companies. One good alternative for 3D modeling is the invisible mannequin photography.

invisible mannequinIf you look at the images on this article, you will see the pictures are in 3D. They look like some model is wearing the dresses. However, in reality, no live model was used into shooting this types of products. Instead, a dress form mannequin or a life size mannequin is used to take the pictures.

Photographers who are in the business of photographing invisible mannequin images for clothing products usually have a studio setup for the picture taking. They would have lighting arrangements, camera for sure, various types of mannequins, backgrounds, clipboards for hanging clothing items and other equipments that are needed for this type of photo sessions.

invisible mannequin photography editingUsually invisible mannequin photographers serve their local area clients. They pick up the products from client locations and return the products once the need is done. In some cases, some photographers serve out of area clients who end up shipping the products to the photographers. In this case, usually a return postage package is attached so that the products can be returned once the photographs are taken.

Some photographers only take the photos and send the photos on the mannequin to the clients. Clients then hire a photo retouching services provider to do the invisible mannequin editing. Clipping path, editing and retouching then are done by the photo editing services company. Photographers also sometimes offer the editing or have connection with other photo editors who do the editing. So photographers can bundle up a package for you if you need invisible mannequin photography plud editing in one package.

Function of different tools in Photoshop

clipping-pathPhotoshop is a highly sophisticated raster image editing software. It is the top choice for professionals like graphic designers, photographer and web designers. In Photoshop, all the design works are mainly done with tools. Each tool represents different methods of working. Let’s look some of the most useful tool used in Photoshop.

Lasso Tools

Lasso tool is mainly used for free hand selection. To use lasso you just select the lasso from the tools menu and drag where ever you want. It will create an outline where you dragged the lasso. There are three types of lasso tool in Photoshop, lasso, polygenic lasso and magnetic lasso. Polygenic and magnetic lasso are too different variations of lasso tool.

Pen tool

Pen tool is one of the most important tools used in Photoshop because all the strokes are done by pen tool. With pen tool, the user can create any shape he wants and modify the strokes using variant of pen tool, the add point tool, delete anchor point tool and the convert anchor point tool. Basically all the shapes and size can be made with pen tool.

Quick selection tool

As the name suggests quick selection tool is used for selecting and object quickly.

Common uses of these three tools

clipping-path-serviceAlthough these are free different tools, they have one thing in common. All of them can be used to clipping path. Clipping path is the method of isolating an object of an image from the background. The work of clipping path is bit sophisticated as it needs pin point accuracy to remove background without distorting the targeted object. This is why professional clipping path jobs are done by clipping path services. There are professional firms available who are engaged in clipping path services.

Tools for photo retouchings

For retouching is a process to improve the outlook of the image. There are several tools for that.

The healing brush tool

Healing brush tool is mainly use for photo cleanup, meaning clean unwanted spots, crack etc. There are several subcategories of healing brush provide similar kind of work.

Clone stamp tool

This is another to do photo retouching work.

Gradient tool

Gradient tool is used for doing color combination. With gradient tool, several colors could be combined to create one unique color.

Text tool

Text tools simply a tool to write text over an image.


There more tools available in Photoshop but those mentioned above are the most used one.

How much does a clipping path service cost?

clipping-path-serviceIt is a very common question asked by people who are in the process of hiring a clipping path expert for their first clipping path service job. People like to make sure that they are working with the right people and paying the right price for it. Same or similar clipping path service offered by different people can have entirely different type of pricing.

Simple clipping path service that requires clipping a soda can or Pepsi bottle or a cell phone can take around 5 to 7 minutes and can cost as low as half a dollar. However, this is bulk pricing if you have lots of images to be clipped. If you just have a single image that requires clipping, this single clipping path service can cost you as much as $5.00 to $10.00 depending on whom you are hiring and from where.

clipping-pathComplex clipping path services like clipping gout a bicycle or a large necklace using photoshop hand tool can cost lot more, like from $6 to $10 at a bulk pricing rate as they require lot of time and precision.

So before you ask how much the service cost, you need to figure out what type of clipping path job it is and how much time it can take to do it. Every one has value of their time and they will charge you for their time accordingly. If you are in the business that requires regular clipping path services, you should talk to a reliable clipping path service provider and negotiate a bulk pricing for your work.

What is a clipping path

Clipping path is a process of isolating a specific image from a photograph. For example, if a picture has 5 different objects or persons in there, clipping path can be used to isolate a single object or person form that photograph.

photo retouching servicesDepending on the requirement, single or multi clipping path (clipping out multiple images or objects form a single photograph), sometimes referred to as multiple clipping path can be used.

Most common software used to do so is adobe Photoshop program.  However, other comparable tools are also being used for companies that are offering clipping path services.

Pictures taken by professional photographers are not used on books, magazine cover, newspaper articles, product brochures and on other print media the way they are. They go through several layers of manipulation before they are printed on anything or posted online on some ecommerce sites. Clipping path specialists or clipping path service provider offer their services to the companies who need such image manipulation techniques.

image editing serviceDepending on the type of job requirement, there can be a graphic designer who does the job or a clipping path Photoshop operator who works round the clock to produce such images. Photoshop operators are employed by clipping path service providers who are specialized in such services.

If you need single or multi clipping path on a regular basis, then it is your best bet to avail the services of a clipping path service specialist who are experts in doing do. They understand your requirement and are in sole business in doing so.