Where did the mannequin go?

shost mannequin effectEver seen any images on an apparel or fashion design site where a dress is displayed which looks like its on a mannequin but the mannequin is not visible? I’m sure all of us did as this is the common trend in the fashion design or apparel industry to use such form of photography. This special field of photography is called invisible mannequin photography or creating ghost mannequin effects. Process is somewhat complex but easily attainable with the help of photo retouching services companies who are skilled creating such ghost mannequin effects.

So the question is why remove the mannequin and create an illusion to show that the apparel product is on a mannequin. It is actually to make the image look more attractive. Also to give the potential buyers an opportunity to see the entire item which otherwise would not be possible with the dress being on the mannequin.

ghost mannequinApparel industry came a long way, as did the photo editing services companies. While clothing companies are coming up with innovative ideas on how to promote and display their products in an unique yet attractive way, photo retouching services companies are walking the same line by meeting those demands. Creating ghost mannequin effects or invisible mannequin photography is one of the prime examples.

Some clothing companies who only need a few of this invisible mannequin photography edited in photoshop attempt to do it on their own with their own in-house photoshop staff or on their own if they know photoshop. But the bigger companies who needs hundreds or thousands of these invisible mannequin photography editing done on a regular basis often find it cost efficient to outsource the work to an offshore photo editing service company.

Another reason to outsource this invisible mannequin photography work to outside company is to make sure the clothing companies have a scalable solution. An established photo editing services company has good number of workers who are capable of producing thousands of images on a daily basis so they are staffed to accommodate such scalability. It is also cost efficient to outsource rather than doing it on your own.

Best effects of Photoshop

photoshop ghost mannequinEveryone likes to stylize their photos because stylization can transform an ordinary image into a something special. Adobe Photoshop is extremely powerful photo editing software which can make this come true. Adobe Photoshop is packed with cool effects that can make an ordinary image into something extraordinary. Today we are going to know about some of the top photo effects done by Photoshop.

Photo quality enhancement

This is the most popular and common effect done by Photoshop. If you have an old photograph full of scratches and other faults, you can easily get rid of those faults and make your photograph as good as new.

Creating lomographic photos

Photoshop has a cool trick up its sleeve which is called lomograph. With this effect you can give your image a retro look.

Ghost mannequin effect

Ghost mannequin effectThis effect is usually used for apparel products. With this effect you can create the illusion the garment is worn by an invisible mannequin. This is mostly done to show every aspect if a garment without the interference of mannequin. Photoshop ghost mannequin effect is now being used by almost every online apparel outlets to showcase their designs.

Creating oil painting photo

We all love to have an oil painting hanging on the wall of our living room. But as we all know, oil painting is expensive and not everyone can afford that. With Photoshop, you are not going to create an oil painting but can give a normal image oil painting effect.

Matching skin tone effect

This is a very useful effect of Photoshop. With this we can match anyone’s skin tone with another human’s skin tone.

Color-contrast adjustment

When you take a photograph, there is always the problem of lighting and color imbalance. With Photoshop we can easily adjust color and contrast as well as brightness to give your photo a better look.

Water color effect

With Photoshop you can create water color effect on any photograph. Photoshop has tons of cool features like this.

Selective blur

Sometimes you want to focus on a specific object of a photo leaving other objects unnoticed. You can do that with Photoshop’s blur tool by creating the selective blur effect where you can blur the unnecessary objects of a photograph keeping the main object intact.


Photoshop is extremely popular due to these effects I just mentioned. There are many more but they can’t be summarized in this short article. You can add a new dimension to digital world with the power of Photoshop.