3D modeling without a model?

3D modeling is best for apparel photography as it shows the shape of the clothing products and how it would make a person look when worn. However, shooting hundreds of products on live professional models can be cost prohibitive for most companies. One good alternative for 3D modeling is the invisible mannequin photography.

invisible mannequinIf you look at the images on this article, you will see the pictures are in 3D. They look like some model is wearing the dresses. However, in reality, no live model was used into shooting this types of products. Instead, a dress form mannequin or a life size mannequin is used to take the pictures.

Photographers who are in the business of photographing invisible mannequin images for clothing products usually have a studio setup for the picture taking. They would have lighting arrangements, camera for sure, various types of mannequins, backgrounds, clipboards for hanging clothing items and other equipments that are needed for this type of photo sessions.

invisible mannequin photography editingUsually invisible mannequin photographers serve their local area clients. They pick up the products from client locations and return the products once the need is done. In some cases, some photographers serve out of area clients who end up shipping the products to the photographers. In this case, usually a return postage package is attached so that the products can be returned once the photographs are taken.

Some photographers only take the photos and send the photos on the mannequin to the clients. Clients then hire a photo retouching services provider to do the invisible mannequin editing. Clipping path, editing and retouching then are done by the photo editing services company. Photographers also sometimes offer the editing or have connection with other photo editors who do the editing. So photographers can bundle up a package for you if you need invisible mannequin photography plud editing in one package.

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