Different tools of Photoshop and what you can do with them

background removalFor raster image editing and manipulation Photoshop is the best software. Photoshop is very popular software among both professionals and amateurs. All the designs and editing is done by different tools and commands from the drop down menus and well as different pallets. People who are eager to step into the world of creative designing must learn Photoshop thoroughly but before that let’s look at some of the most commonly used tools and commands of this software.

Pen tool, lasso tool and quick selection tool

All these tools have one thing in common, they are used for free hand selection though with quick selection you can’t do much of a free hand selection and instead it selects specific part of an image all together. One of the purposes of selecting images with these tools is to do the background removal procedure. Image background removal is important for getting rid of object you don’t want in the picture or removing the whole background to re-use the image in different occasions.

Tools for improving the quality of an image

image background removalImage quality enhancement is one of the most common tasks done in Photoshop. Improving or enhancing image quality in Photoshop is done in several ways. First of all, you can adjust the color balance and brightness level to improve the overall quality. This could be done manually or automatically via auto level or auto adjustment command. Sometimes due to low resolution, an image could be a bit blurry. With Photoshop’s sharpness filter, you can sharpen the image just the right amount to make the image presentable enough.

Eliminating the imperfections

When we take a photograph, it is the perfect one all the time. There could be something that can ruin the whole mood of the picture. In this case, you can use Photoshop’s healing brush and stamp clone tool to get rid of those elements that you don’t want in the photograph.

Changing the size of an image

This feature is very useful if you need your image to be a bit bigger or smaller. This is mostly done to create passport size photographs or creating smaller image from a big one.


Photoshop is mega software. Its limits are boundless. If you learn Photoshop properly, you can do any kind of editing and make unique looking designs. Photoshop is so capable that its limit is only defined by the users capability.

Get your jewellery photo retouched easily

jewellery photo retouchingEver seen a jewellery online shop where all their jewellery collection looking dark and dull on their web shop? How appealing you think that would be to a prospective buyer? Not at all if you ask me. This is where jewellery photo editing or jewellery image editing or retouching comes into play.

Not all online jewellery stores realize that the jewellery photos they have online are the ones that make people decide whether to buy the product or not. Lot of people will just hit the browser back button if they see dull color or dark images of the items in display.

There is an easy solution to this problem which is jewellery photo editing or jewellery photo retouching.

jewellery-photo-editingYou can do a good job to begin with by taking some good pictures. If you are not a good photographer in taking jewellery photos, then you should hire a jewellery photographer who is skilled in taking jewellery photos. Once you have good quality photos to begin with, your job becomes easier to put some really good and quality jewellery photos online.

Once the jewellery photo shoot is done, you then avail the services of a jewellery photo editing company who will edit or if needed, retouch your jewellery photos. They can remove the background from your jewellery photos which makes it easier to add on the web shop. For some jewellery items, further retouching may be needed to bring out the shine in the jewellery items.

If you need occasional or even regular jewellery photo editing service, you can hire an outsourcing company who offers jewellery image editing services. Cost per image edited depends on the item and the complexity but in most cases it can range from as low as $1 to a few dollars at the most.

If jewellery photo editing and retouching makes your items sell, then 1 time cost of editing your jewellery photos can be money well spent.

Best effects of Photoshop

photoshop ghost mannequinEveryone likes to stylize their photos because stylization can transform an ordinary image into a something special. Adobe Photoshop is extremely powerful photo editing software which can make this come true. Adobe Photoshop is packed with cool effects that can make an ordinary image into something extraordinary. Today we are going to know about some of the top photo effects done by Photoshop.

Photo quality enhancement

This is the most popular and common effect done by Photoshop. If you have an old photograph full of scratches and other faults, you can easily get rid of those faults and make your photograph as good as new.

Creating lomographic photos

Photoshop has a cool trick up its sleeve which is called lomograph. With this effect you can give your image a retro look.

Ghost mannequin effect

Ghost mannequin effectThis effect is usually used for apparel products. With this effect you can create the illusion the garment is worn by an invisible mannequin. This is mostly done to show every aspect if a garment without the interference of mannequin. Photoshop ghost mannequin effect is now being used by almost every online apparel outlets to showcase their designs.

Creating oil painting photo

We all love to have an oil painting hanging on the wall of our living room. But as we all know, oil painting is expensive and not everyone can afford that. With Photoshop, you are not going to create an oil painting but can give a normal image oil painting effect.

Matching skin tone effect

This is a very useful effect of Photoshop. With this we can match anyone’s skin tone with another human’s skin tone.

Color-contrast adjustment

When you take a photograph, there is always the problem of lighting and color imbalance. With Photoshop we can easily adjust color and contrast as well as brightness to give your photo a better look.

Water color effect

With Photoshop you can create water color effect on any photograph. Photoshop has tons of cool features like this.

Selective blur

Sometimes you want to focus on a specific object of a photo leaving other objects unnoticed. You can do that with Photoshop’s blur tool by creating the selective blur effect where you can blur the unnecessary objects of a photograph keeping the main object intact.


Photoshop is extremely popular due to these effects I just mentioned. There are many more but they can’t be summarized in this short article. You can add a new dimension to digital world with the power of Photoshop.

Function of different tools in Photoshop

clipping-pathPhotoshop is a highly sophisticated raster image editing software. It is the top choice for professionals like graphic designers, photographer and web designers. In Photoshop, all the design works are mainly done with tools. Each tool represents different methods of working. Let’s look some of the most useful tool used in Photoshop.

Lasso Tools

Lasso tool is mainly used for free hand selection. To use lasso you just select the lasso from the tools menu and drag where ever you want. It will create an outline where you dragged the lasso. There are three types of lasso tool in Photoshop, lasso, polygenic lasso and magnetic lasso. Polygenic and magnetic lasso are too different variations of lasso tool.

Pen tool

Pen tool is one of the most important tools used in Photoshop because all the strokes are done by pen tool. With pen tool, the user can create any shape he wants and modify the strokes using variant of pen tool, the add point tool, delete anchor point tool and the convert anchor point tool. Basically all the shapes and size can be made with pen tool.

Quick selection tool

As the name suggests quick selection tool is used for selecting and object quickly.

Common uses of these three tools

clipping-path-serviceAlthough these are free different tools, they have one thing in common. All of them can be used to clipping path. Clipping path is the method of isolating an object of an image from the background. The work of clipping path is bit sophisticated as it needs pin point accuracy to remove background without distorting the targeted object. This is why professional clipping path jobs are done by clipping path services. There are professional firms available who are engaged in clipping path services.

Tools for photo retouchings

For retouching is a process to improve the outlook of the image. There are several tools for that.

The healing brush tool

Healing brush tool is mainly use for photo cleanup, meaning clean unwanted spots, crack etc. There are several subcategories of healing brush provide similar kind of work.

Clone stamp tool

This is another to do photo retouching work.

Gradient tool

Gradient tool is used for doing color combination. With gradient tool, several colors could be combined to create one unique color.

Text tool

Text tools simply a tool to write text over an image.


There more tools available in Photoshop but those mentioned above are the most used one.

How much does a clipping path service cost?

clipping-path-serviceIt is a very common question asked by people who are in the process of hiring a clipping path expert for their first clipping path service job. People like to make sure that they are working with the right people and paying the right price for it. Same or similar clipping path service offered by different people can have entirely different type of pricing.

Simple clipping path service that requires clipping a soda can or Pepsi bottle or a cell phone can take around 5 to 7 minutes and can cost as low as half a dollar. However, this is bulk pricing if you have lots of images to be clipped. If you just have a single image that requires clipping, this single clipping path service can cost you as much as $5.00 to $10.00 depending on whom you are hiring and from where.

clipping-pathComplex clipping path services like clipping gout a bicycle or a large necklace using photoshop hand tool can cost lot more, like from $6 to $10 at a bulk pricing rate as they require lot of time and precision.

So before you ask how much the service cost, you need to figure out what type of clipping path job it is and how much time it can take to do it. Every one has value of their time and they will charge you for their time accordingly. If you are in the business that requires regular clipping path services, you should talk to a reliable clipping path service provider and negotiate a bulk pricing for your work.

Best way to get the photo retouching done

photo_retouchRetouching your photo can be done in several different ways. Either you can do it yourself with the use of some photo editing or retouching program like adobe Photoshop, hire someone to do it for you, or outsource the photo retouching job to some photo retouching service provider.

Which one is the best choice depends on your individual situation. If you need only one or two photo editing here and there, you can get a free photo retouching tool downloaded from the internet and do it yourself. You just need to get familiar with the use of the tool for the first time you use it. Once you are familiar with the photo editing tool, you can get a photo retouched in minutes. More complex images can take a bit longer.

If you are in a business where it requires you to get photo retouching done one a regular basis, then you might need to hire some in-house graphic designer who can do the image editing for you on a regular basis. You just need to do some math to see if it is cost efficient for you to hire a full time photo editing professional or a graphic designer.

image-retouchingAnother option for you is to outsource the entire image editing job to some photo retouching service provider who can get the job done for you. You can outsource the job locally to some local graphic designer or outsource to some offshore photo retouching service provider. While hiring someone locally will give you better access to your hired resource, it will most likely cost you more compared to hiring an offshore photo retouching company.

Even if you require a handful of image edited here and there, you can hire those offshore photoshop professionals. If you have high volume photo retouching needs, you will most likely get a volume discount for the job. So try to negotiate with the company if you order in a large volume.

What is a clipping path

Clipping path is a process of isolating a specific image from a photograph. For example, if a picture has 5 different objects or persons in there, clipping path can be used to isolate a single object or person form that photograph.

photo retouching servicesDepending on the requirement, single or multi clipping path (clipping out multiple images or objects form a single photograph), sometimes referred to as multiple clipping path can be used.

Most common software used to do so is adobe Photoshop program.  However, other comparable tools are also being used for companies that are offering clipping path services.

Pictures taken by professional photographers are not used on books, magazine cover, newspaper articles, product brochures and on other print media the way they are. They go through several layers of manipulation before they are printed on anything or posted online on some ecommerce sites. Clipping path specialists or clipping path service provider offer their services to the companies who need such image manipulation techniques.

image editing serviceDepending on the type of job requirement, there can be a graphic designer who does the job or a clipping path Photoshop operator who works round the clock to produce such images. Photoshop operators are employed by clipping path service providers who are specialized in such services.

If you need single or multi clipping path on a regular basis, then it is your best bet to avail the services of a clipping path service specialist who are experts in doing do. They understand your requirement and are in sole business in doing so.