Cutting out an image is easy as 1-2-3 with Joolo Media

Photo cut outs are used for various reasons. Lot of photographers use photo cut out services to cut out photos that are later used for publications. Due to the volume of the cut outs needed, often it is cost prohibitive to do it on your own. What makes a good business sense is to use some photo cut out outsourcing partner or in simple term, a photo cut out services company.

cutting out a photo.jpgWorking with adobe Photoshop for photo editing and retouching is not a tough thing to do. What kills is the time it takes to do each edit. Why on god’s green earth someone would go spend more time and more money to do something that can be done with less to no time with lesser cost?  This is where the photo cut out company comes in to the play.

Joolo Media’s photo cut out services is geared toward high volume image processing clients that have the high volume work but don’t have the time or resource to do it on their own. Or they don’t much want to as it cots less to outsource.

Joolo Media’s photo cut out services (bild freistellen) is quick, guaranteed to be of high quality and low cost. If you have any bulk photo cut out services needs, feel free to contact Joolo Media for a trial. It is always a safe bet to try out Joolo Media for the bulk photo cut out jobs. Trying it out will lead to the path of partnership. Guaranteed.

There are lots of image cut out companies these days and some of those so called companies are there to make a few quick bucks. They lack long term vision and in dedication. Joolo Media is dedicated towards the job and its clients as well as strongly determined to stay in the business for a long time. It is therefore a priority to deal with the clients professionally. With Joolo Media, each and every single client is special and has individual attention.

photo cut out servicesTo be the best in a job, one must practice a lot for a long time. Time is what builds the experience. Joolo Media has been in the business for few years with some of its designers having over a decade long experience with Adobe Photoshop program. Whether it is adobe Photoshop cs3 or adobe Photoshop cs4 or later, Joolo Media’s Photoshop operators are always updated to work with the most recent Photoshop program.

Contact Joolo Media today as you never know! You might just find the right partner you have been looking for.


Clipping path service for pennies

How much does a clipping path or photo cut outs service cost? Tens of dollars? Or few dollars per clipping path service or photo cut outs service?

Well, how about pennies per edit?

That’s right, now you can get your clipping path service or photo cut outs services outsourced for pennies per edit. For simple images like soda can or cell phones, you can get the clipping path service or photo cut outs service done for as low as U.S. $0.49 per edit. For complex images like large necklaces or dining set that require a lot of work and man hour, the cost can be $2.00 per edit for bulk quantity.

Sounds too good to be true? Yes, in a way it is too good to be true. But it is true indeed. If you outsource your work to some clipping path outsourcing company offshore, you can get your job done for this rate. The only requirement is that the price above is for bulk volume editing.

So for businesses in the developed countries who are working on their own photo editing, you might want to think twice about doing your own clipping path work or photo cut outs work. If it cots less to outsource the same job with same quality, it would not make any valid business sense to do the same job yourself at higher expense.

Living standards and employee wages are sometimes one tenth in some developing countries which allows them to offer the clipping path service or photo cut outs service at a low cost. You are in the packshot photography or product photography business requiring regular clipping path or photo cut puts services you might want to give the offshore outsourcing a try.

Looking for bulk clipping path service? Look no more..

Lots of IT related business processes are being outsourced offshore and clipping path service is no exception. Young people in developing countries are educated and computer literate so its not hard for them to develop skills in photo editing and working around Photoshop. With a 3 month graphic school diploma, a computer and Photoshop installation, a person can start working offering his or her clipping path service company.

While these individual clipping path service freelancer do get their own fare share of clipping path jobs, they are not setup to partner with bigger companies having high volume work. Also, they are not capable of handling large amount of work on a daily basis. Often these individual clipping path service providers have more than one job at hand and at the end, the delivery time suffers. If you have a time sensitive job at hand, these individual clipping path service providers will not be able to meet your need.

If you are looking for clipping path service provider who can handle large volume on a daily basis and 24 hour or less delivery time, you will need to work with an organized clipping path service or photo cut outs outsourcing company.

A professional clipping path service company is usually client oriented and have been in the business for some time. They are skilled at what they do and can deliver the job without you ever needing to do further edits on the images. Cost of clipping path service or photo cut outs may be few cents more but that is understandable as they operate in a company structure, have employees and office space for which they have to pay, not to mention other business related expenses. So at the end the cost get a little higher than that of individual clipping path service providers. But when you break down the cost, you just see a few pennies difference per image which allows you access to high quality clipping path service with quick turn around.

If you need to partner with a clipping path outsourcing company or a photo cut out service company, look for a company that is structured, have a single point of contact, answers your inquiry in less than 24 hours, and willing to do a free trial job so that you can test the quality of their work.



Clipping path outsourcing at an unbeatable rate

Photoshop clipping path outsourcing is very common these days. Internet made it simple for all of us to connect to anyone or any company across the globe. While a good Photoshop professional with few years of working experience would cost any photographer or other media companies somewhere between twenty to fifty dollars an hour, the same job can be outsourced offshore for $5 an hour or even less depending on the quality.

Almost all clipping path jobs are being outsourced offshore from developed countries these days. Individual photographers or small media/marketing companies who find the need of doing occasional clipping path or photo cut out editing may end up doing it on their own. However, people or companies who do the clipping path or photo cut out in bulk are mostly availing the clipping path outsourcing services to save time, money and headache.

Some people or some companies are reluctant on using clipping path outsourcing partnerships as they are not confident that with clipping path outsourcing, they will get the quality they want or get the clipping path job delivered in time for them to meet their deadline. This is a very legitimate concern. There are some small clipping path outsourcing companies or one mane show companies that will not have enough staff or expertise or sincerity to accomplish the job in a timely manner or meet the quality standard. However, there are exceptions.

If you can do the right research and find the right clipping path outsourcing company to work with, you will see that not only they are meeting your quality standards, they are delivering the job faster than you can do it yourself.

Joolo Media is such a company that has a large team of Photoshop professionals delivering quality clipping path or photo cut out jobs in a timely manner, each and every single time. Give Joolo Media a free trial and you will be happy that you did.

How to pick the best clipping path service provider

Clipping path (bilder freistellen, détourage photo) is basically a method of isolating or freeing an image from the background or freeing / isolating an object from an image, then saving it with its own file name. this newly freed image are then used for whatever purposes they are intended for. They can be used for online stores selling the merchandises on the pictures, they can be used for magazines or newspapers, fashion catalogs, flyers, brochures, just about anything.

There are lots of Clipping path / photo cut out (bilder freistellen, détourage photo) services providers out there. Many teenagers are working out of their parents’ home offshore offering Clipping path / photo cut out (bilder freistellen, détourage photo) services. These so called companies (yes, they will pose to be operating under a company name and use the word “we” as if they are some big companies) will actually have 1 teenager working as a freelancer soliciting Clipping path / photo cut out (bilder freistellen, détourage photo) jobs online.

These one man show companies will not walk away from any business. In fact, whatever price you give them, they will agree to work with you as they are all start-up freelancers willing to work to gain experience. Since they all are willing to work at low cost, they will get their hands full with work which they will not be able to deliver on time.

If you are in serious business with regular Clipping path / photo cut out (bilder freistellen, détourage photo) service needs, you cannot work with such unprofessional and un-organized so called companies.

There is an old saying, you get what you pay for. You must calculate the time it takes to edit your photo and see how much hourly your Clipping path / photo cut out (bilder freistellen, détourage photo) service provider is changing you per hour. If your photo requires 30 minutes to edit and you are charged $.50 per edit, then the service provider is working for $1 per hour which is not professional level payout. If you are paying lower than average, you expect low quality as well.

So do yourself a favour and find a professional Clipping path / photo cut out (bilder freistellen, détourage photo) company to work with who not only will deliver quality work but will have enough manpower to submit your photo retouching work in a timely manner.

Do you need image masking to create a Photoshop invisible mannequin effect?

To answer the question, we need to understand the process of image masking and Photoshop invisible mannequin editing.

image masking In clipping mask, a mask is created. Clipping path, sometimes referred to as clipping path, allows an image editor to clip or mask one or multiple elements in a photo. These selected elements then sometimes joined together or saves with its own individual file name.

In invisible mannequin effect creation, creating a clipping mask or a path using clipping path is mandatory. These masked or clipped elements are the raw materials in creating an invisible mannequin effect.

image masking servicesOnce the required elements are clipped, they are then joined together using the same photo editing tool they were clipped with in the first place. Certain adjustments are needed once the joining of multiple clippings are done.

Depending on the quality and resolution of the images or photos that were used to create the image masking and then invisible mannequin effect, there might or might not be a need for photo retouching. If the clothing product owner is happy with the quality of the photo the he or she got from the photographer, there will be no need to any photo retouching. However, if the quality of the photo or the resolution of the images are not satisfactory, there will be a need of some retouching which drives up the editing cost at the end.

It is extremely important to hire a good photographer to begin with. A good raw image is vital in creating an invisible mannequin that looks professional and stunning.

3D modeling without a model?

3D modeling is best for apparel photography as it shows the shape of the clothing products and how it would make a person look when worn. However, shooting hundreds of products on live professional models can be cost prohibitive for most companies. One good alternative for 3D modeling is the invisible mannequin photography.

invisible mannequinIf you look at the images on this article, you will see the pictures are in 3D. They look like some model is wearing the dresses. However, in reality, no live model was used into shooting this types of products. Instead, a dress form mannequin or a life size mannequin is used to take the pictures.

Photographers who are in the business of photographing invisible mannequin images for clothing products usually have a studio setup for the picture taking. They would have lighting arrangements, camera for sure, various types of mannequins, backgrounds, clipboards for hanging clothing items and other equipments that are needed for this type of photo sessions.

invisible mannequin photography editingUsually invisible mannequin photographers serve their local area clients. They pick up the products from client locations and return the products once the need is done. In some cases, some photographers serve out of area clients who end up shipping the products to the photographers. In this case, usually a return postage package is attached so that the products can be returned once the photographs are taken.

Some photographers only take the photos and send the photos on the mannequin to the clients. Clients then hire a photo retouching services provider to do the invisible mannequin editing. Clipping path, editing and retouching then are done by the photo editing services company. Photographers also sometimes offer the editing or have connection with other photo editors who do the editing. So photographers can bundle up a package for you if you need invisible mannequin photography plud editing in one package.

The invisible man-nequin

Creating invisible mannequin photography for promoting and displaying clothing products is a common practice in apparel industry. invisible-mannequin-photographyFor years, apparel business owners have been using life size mannequins and dressing the mannequins with the clothing items that needs invisible ghost mannequins Photoshop editing. Typically 2 separate images are shot with the camera in the studio. One showing the front of the image on the mannequin and other images showing the inner back of the clothing.

Once these 2 images were taken, they would then be edited for publishing. Usually Photoshop is used to join these two images together.

invisible-ghost-mannequinTo make the process easier in an attempt to create an invisible mannequin photography, some product manufacturers came up with the idea of invisible mannequin life-size and half size dummies. Some clothing business owners are finding these invisible mannequin dummies useful in the process of getting the pictures taken. They think these invisible mannequin dummies are lot easier to work with as they show the invisible mannequin images somewhat to begin with.

However, at the end, all these images will need to go through editing to come up with the final invisible mannequin published quality images. If you compare the cost of shooting the pictures with a common mannequin vs those shot on an invisible mannequin dummy, the cost of editing would be the same.

So the question is, why bother going through the whole trouble of getting an invisible mannequin dummy? You can achieve the same edited result no mater which form of dummy you use.

If you are a photographer serving clients in the apparel industry, you might find the invisible mannequin dummies easier to work with. So the idea is, if you have it and if it works for you, go ahead and use the invisible mannequin dummy for your photo session. If you don’t have one yet, there is no reason to go and get one as it will not save you any money in editing the images either way.

Where did the mannequin go?

shost mannequin effectEver seen any images on an apparel or fashion design site where a dress is displayed which looks like its on a mannequin but the mannequin is not visible? I’m sure all of us did as this is the common trend in the fashion design or apparel industry to use such form of photography. This special field of photography is called invisible mannequin photography or creating ghost mannequin effects. Process is somewhat complex but easily attainable with the help of photo retouching services companies who are skilled creating such ghost mannequin effects.

So the question is why remove the mannequin and create an illusion to show that the apparel product is on a mannequin. It is actually to make the image look more attractive. Also to give the potential buyers an opportunity to see the entire item which otherwise would not be possible with the dress being on the mannequin.

ghost mannequinApparel industry came a long way, as did the photo editing services companies. While clothing companies are coming up with innovative ideas on how to promote and display their products in an unique yet attractive way, photo retouching services companies are walking the same line by meeting those demands. Creating ghost mannequin effects or invisible mannequin photography is one of the prime examples.

Some clothing companies who only need a few of this invisible mannequin photography edited in photoshop attempt to do it on their own with their own in-house photoshop staff or on their own if they know photoshop. But the bigger companies who needs hundreds or thousands of these invisible mannequin photography editing done on a regular basis often find it cost efficient to outsource the work to an offshore photo editing service company.

Another reason to outsource this invisible mannequin photography work to outside company is to make sure the clothing companies have a scalable solution. An established photo editing services company has good number of workers who are capable of producing thousands of images on a daily basis so they are staffed to accommodate such scalability. It is also cost efficient to outsource rather than doing it on your own.

Different tools of Photoshop and what you can do with them

background removalFor raster image editing and manipulation Photoshop is the best software. Photoshop is very popular software among both professionals and amateurs. All the designs and editing is done by different tools and commands from the drop down menus and well as different pallets. People who are eager to step into the world of creative designing must learn Photoshop thoroughly but before that let’s look at some of the most commonly used tools and commands of this software.

Pen tool, lasso tool and quick selection tool

All these tools have one thing in common, they are used for free hand selection though with quick selection you can’t do much of a free hand selection and instead it selects specific part of an image all together. One of the purposes of selecting images with these tools is to do the background removal procedure. Image background removal is important for getting rid of object you don’t want in the picture or removing the whole background to re-use the image in different occasions.

Tools for improving the quality of an image

image background removalImage quality enhancement is one of the most common tasks done in Photoshop. Improving or enhancing image quality in Photoshop is done in several ways. First of all, you can adjust the color balance and brightness level to improve the overall quality. This could be done manually or automatically via auto level or auto adjustment command. Sometimes due to low resolution, an image could be a bit blurry. With Photoshop’s sharpness filter, you can sharpen the image just the right amount to make the image presentable enough.

Eliminating the imperfections

When we take a photograph, it is the perfect one all the time. There could be something that can ruin the whole mood of the picture. In this case, you can use Photoshop’s healing brush and stamp clone tool to get rid of those elements that you don’t want in the photograph.

Changing the size of an image

This feature is very useful if you need your image to be a bit bigger or smaller. This is mostly done to create passport size photographs or creating smaller image from a big one.


Photoshop is mega software. Its limits are boundless. If you learn Photoshop properly, you can do any kind of editing and make unique looking designs. Photoshop is so capable that its limit is only defined by the users capability.